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Installing Gypsum Flooring

Gypsum Floors

Use gypsum floors in consumer and residential structures within Salt Lake City, UT. At WESTERN GYPSUM FLOORS, we use premium building materials to create flooring that lasts. Additionally, we complement floors and underlayment with sound mats. Reach out to us for ideas about how to use radiant, soundproofing, fire rating, and radiant heat gypsum floors in your work.

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Quality from the Ground Up

Enhancing sound rating is one of the main benefits of gypsum floor or underlayment installation. We pour 3\4" to 1 1\2 " gypsum or Gyp-Crete brand on top of flooring to increase its sound rating. When we use sound mats, we first install the covers and then pour the gypsum on top for optimum results. Let us improve the overall quality of your construction projects with:

  • Radiant Floors
  • Gypsum Underlayment
  • Gypsum Floors
  • Sound Mats
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